· ‘Social Watch – Tamilnadu’ along with PAALAM, Indian Social Institute and Siddhartha Trust organized “South Indian Conclave on SCP and TSP” at  Bangalore during 18-19 May 2018 and  at Puducherry during 7-8 January 2018. (Click here to view key points of discussion)


·    Social Watch – Tamilnadu raised concrete questions and issues to the Chair Person, National Commission for Scheduled Caste during the meeting with Scheduled Caste Representatives, Associations and Civil Society organizations on 8th July 2015 to review the Status of SCs in Tamilnadu.



·      Fr. Manu and Fr. Kumar have presented articles on SCP in CBGA BUDGET TRACK Volume 9, Track 1-2, July 2013.



·   Fr. Manu, Advisor-cum-Mentor of Social Watch-Tamilnadu presented, at the recent Research Seminar on "Caste out of Development", a paper on  "SPECIAL COMPONENT PLAN IN TAMILNADU - A NEW DALIT DISCOURSE IN THE MAKING?"



·    The advocacy efforts regarding the implementation of Special Component Plan at the Central and State levels got a major boost recently, when the National Advisory Council, headed by Ms. Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress Party, came up with strong recommendations to the Central Government on proper implementation of SCP. For more details, refer “Recommendations on Reforming Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan (SCSP) / Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) .







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